[Easy summary] Men's skeletal diagnosis natural type explained in an easy-to-understand manner!

Skeletal diagnosis is a method to find the perfect style for you based on your natural body line and texture characteristics.

The skeleton remains the same throughout life, regardless of gender, age, body shape, etc. (male or female).

By understanding your bone type, you can find fashion that suits you better.

In this article, we will explain the natural type out of the three types: straight, wavy, and natural.

If you haven't done a skeletal type diagnosis yet, you can easily self-check from here !

1.What is natural type?

People with a natural skeletal type have a body type in which joints, bones, and other joints are clearly visible .

It is especially noticeable in areas such as the collarbone, knees, and ankles. And there is no overall body thickness.

It goes well with casual items with wide sizes and big silhouettes ,

On the other hand, I have a thin body overall, so if I wear items that are just the right size or thin items, my thin body will be emphasized.

2.Characteristics of natural type

The natural type has a body type in which it is difficult to gain muscle or fat, the body is not thick, and the bones and joints are noticeable overall .

The main features are:

-Neck is thick and long

・Broad shoulders and prominent collarbones and shoulder blades

・The whole body is thin

-Hands are thin and joints and bones are noticeable

・Hand size is large

・Waist position is high

- Difficult to gain muscle and fat

-Large knee joints

・The buttocks are thin and long

And so on. This type has well-developed joints and bones , making the body look thinner overall .

3. Natural type celebrities

We will introduce male celebrities who are natural types so that you can easily imagine natural types!

・Mr. Koji Yakusho

・Joe Odagiri

・Yosuke Eguchi

・Mr. Tsuyoshi Kusanagi

・Hiroshi Abe

・Yuji Oda

・Mr. Etsushi Toyokawa

・Mr. Masaki Okada

4. A word of advice on how to wear a natural type

The natural type has a bony body with no thickness overall .

Therefore, the most important thing is to choose clothes that do not make your body thinner and bones stand out .


How was that?

Natural skeletal types have a thin, slender, bony body .

In order to cover the lack of body thickness,

When choosing clothes, we recommend choosing wide sizes and big silhouettes !