[Diagnostic test] Don't fail!! How to choose clothes that suit you

1.What is men's skeletal diagnosis?

Have you ever had a skeletal diagnosis?

Skeletal diagnosis is a method to find the coordination style that is perfect for you, based on your natural body line and physical texture characteristics .

The skeleton does not change regardless of gender, age, body shape, etc., and remains the same throughout life.

By understanding your skeletal type, you can find a fashion style that suits you better.

Skeletal types are classified into three types: " straight ," " wavy ," and " natural ."

2. Three benefits of knowing your skeletal type

These are the three benefits.

Improve balance

②Style up

Increase your fashion level

Wearing clothes that suit your skeletal type will help you feel more "balanced." This will make your whole body look ``more stylish'' and ``more fashionable.''

Choosing clothes that really suit you is the best way to bring out your individuality and charm to the fullest.

On the other hand, clothes that don't suit your body type can make your whole body look unbalanced, giving the other person an unnatural impression.

Paying attention to your body characteristics is important in choosing clothes that suit you.

3. Skeletal diagnosis self-check test

Q1: What is your overall impression of your body?

A: The chest plate is thick. Overall solid
B: Not thick. overall smooth
C: Joints are noticeable. Has a strong skeleton

Q2: How do you gain muscle and fat?

A: It's easy to build muscle. especially the upper body
B: Difficulty gaining muscle. Fat tends to accumulate in the lower body
C: It is difficult to build muscle. overall bony feel

Q3: What is the texture of your skin?

A: It has elasticity and firmness.
B: Thin and soft
C: Hard and muscular

Q4: What is the position of your waist?

A: Rather high
B: High
C: Low

Q5: How does your butt feel?

A: Three-dimensional and rounded
Gradually declining
C: Small and flat feeling

Q6: How does your wrist feel?

A: Three-dimensional and rounded
B: Thin
C: Bony

Q7: What is the size of your feet?

A: Small for my height.
B: Average
C: Large for my height


The most common one was...

A: Skeletal straight type
B: Skeleton wave type
C: Skeletal natural type


People tend to think that skeletal diagnosis is only for women, but that is not the case.

Men also have skeletal types , and by knowing your type, you can know what kind of clothes suit you and what kind of clothes you should avoid.

By wearing clothes that match your bone type, you can greatly improve your style.

Take a skeletal type test and enjoy fashion that makes the most of your skeletal type.