About return guarantee

Thank you for using Deuku.

At Deuku, we have introduced a "Return Guarantee System" so that our customers can shop with peace of mind.

To customers whose products have defects or defects

①Please check the condition of the product.

We will only accept returns or exchanges if the product is defective or defective due to our company's causes.

Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to customer circumstances (size exchange, different from the image, incorrect order details, damage during shipping, etc.).

[Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges in the following cases. ]

・Returns and exchanges due to customer's convenience (color, size, etc.)

・Products that have been delivered for more than 3 days

・Products without tags

・Products that have been used, repaired, washed, or cleaned

・Products with odors, dirt, or scratches left by the customer

・If the product, including the box and accessories, is different from when delivered.

②Please send the following information to customer support.

・4-digit order ID and name starting with "#"

・Product photo showing the reason for return

・Photo of the QC code or barcode on the product bag

*If the replacement product is not in stock, we will refund your money.

When returning or exchanging an item, please return the product itself, tags, and all accessories.
If tags or accessories are removed or missing when delivered, returns or exchanges will not be accepted.

Regarding long-term absence/incorrect address

If the customer is absent, please request redelivery yourself using the absence notification.

Once the storage period has passed, the product will be automatically returned to the international carrier and disposed of.

Products that have passed their storage period will be discarded, and we will not be able to accept reshipping, refunds, etc. under any circumstances.

If cancellations continue due to customer circumstances (long-term absence, incorrect address), we will take measures to restrict payment methods.

Please make sure to receive your ordered items within the specified period.