[Simple Summary] Easy-to-understand explanation of men's skeletal diagnosis straight type!

Have you ever had a skeletal diagnosis?

Skeletal diagnosis is a method to find the coordination style that is perfect for you, based on your natural body line and physical texture characteristics.

The skeleton does not change regardless of gender, age, body shape, etc., and remains the same throughout life.

By understanding your skeletal type, you can find a fashion style that suits you better.

In this article, we will explain the straight type out of the three types: straight, wavy, and natural.

If you haven't done a skeletal type diagnosis yet, you can easily self-check from here !

1.What is straight type?

Straight type people have a muscular and thick body mainly in the upper body .

Their muscles are also unique, with their chests often being thick and their back and thigh muscles strong.

It is also characterized by a firm texture and firm skin.

It goes well with pretty items ,

On the other hand, if you don't choose clothes that are the right size, you may end up wearing clothes that are too tight or bulky, making your whole body look unbalanced .

2.Characteristics of straight type

The straight bone type has thickness mainly in the upper body, such as the chest and shoulder width. He has a sturdy, muscular body.

The main features are:

・The length of the neck is rather short

- Shoulders are narrow and the collarbone is barely visible

-Thick chest plate

・His hands are also thick.

-Hands are small compared to height

・Waist position is high

-Easier to gain muscle than fat

-Knees are small and round

・When gaining weight, start from the upper body such as the face and stomach

And so on. My body This type tends to be larger overall .

3. Straight type celebrities

A male celebrity so that the image of a straight type is more likely to be seen. Introducing the straight type !

・Mr. Ebizo Ichikawa

・Kazuki Kitamura

・Shingo Katori

・Takayuki Yamada

・Ken Watanabe

・Mr. Katsunori Takahashi

・Mr. Sho Hirano

・Ryohei Suzuki

4. Advice on how to wear straight type

The straight type has a thick upper body and thighs .

Therefore, it is most important to choose clothes that do not highlight the thickness of your upper body and thighs .


How was that?

The straight bone type has a thick and muscular body centered on the upper body .

Your body tends to grow larger overall, especially in your upper body and thighs.

When choosing clothes, we recommend choosing clothes that cover the thickness of your body !