[7 selections] Men's skeletal diagnosis These are the clothes that suit natural types

Skeletal diagnosis is a method to find the perfect style for you based on your natural body line and texture characteristics .

The skeleton does not change depending on gender (male or female), age, body shape, etc., so it does not change throughout life.

By understanding your bone type, you can find the fashion that best suits you.

In this article, we will explain about the natural type out of the three types: straight, wavy, and natural.

1.Characteristics of natural type

Natural type people have a thin body , and their bones and joints are easily noticeable overall . It also has the characteristic that it is difficult to gain muscle and fat .

In addition,

-Neck is thick and long

・Broad shoulders and prominent collarbones and shoulder blades

・The whole body is thin

-Hands are thin and joints and bones are noticeable

・Hand size is large

・Waist position is high

- Difficult to gain muscle and fat

-Large knee joints

・The buttocks are thin and long

And so on.

Joints and bones are well developed , This type makes your body look thinner overall .

2. Tips on how to wear a natural type

What points should people with natural bone structure keep in mind to dress stylishly?

People with natural bone structure have thin and bony bodies overall.

Therefore, when choosing clothing, the most important thing is to cover the thinness and physique of your body.

In other words, Clothes that can cover the thinness of the body and look stylish are suitable for people with natural bone structure.

3. Clothing that suits natural types

①:Oversized tops

Oversized tops are a great way to cover your generally thin body .

Natural type people often have a slender body, so they can wear oversized tops stylishly without getting baggy .

②: Long length items

If you are a natural type, your center of gravity is biased towards your upper body. This is because the buttocks are vertically long and serve as the upper center of gravity.

Wearing long tops and outerwear, such as long coats, will improve your center of gravity.

③: Items with a structured frame feel

People with the natural type have prominent bones and joints, and a solid body overall.

However, it has just the right amount of fat, so it goes well with items that have a structured frame, such as tailored jackets or denim jackets.

It goes well with a hooded jacket as long as you are careful not to shift your center of gravity towards your upper body.

④: Wide pants

Wide pants that allow you to adjust the balance between your upper and lower body are also suitable for those with a natural type.

The center of gravity, which tends to be biased toward the upper body, is balanced and looks great.

It can cover the thinness of the body, so it is perfect for people with natural skin types.


Thick sweatshirts also look good on natural type people, as they can cover the thinness of the upper body .

By wearing a wide-sized item with room for hem and length, you can wear it without making your thin body stand out.

⑥:Polo shirt

Polo shirts with textures that do not emphasize the shoulders or waistline also look good on natural-looking people.

This is because you can visually cover your overall thinner body .

⑤:Damaged denim

Distressed denim also suits natural type people.

This is because the distressed textured fabric blends well with the thin body lines and blends in easily.

Of course, choose one that is wide.


How was it?

For people with natural bone structure We recommend items that cover the thinness and bones of your body.

・Oversized tops

・Long length items

・Items with a structured frame feel

・Wide pants


・Polo shirt

・Damaged denim

Make your fashion look even more stylish by using the seven items introduced this time!