[7 selections] Men's skeletal diagnosis This is the clothing that suits straight types

Skeletal diagnosis is a method to find the perfect style for you based on your natural body line and texture characteristics.

The skeleton does not change depending on gender (male or female), age, body shape, etc., so it does not change throughout life.

By understanding your bone type, you can find the fashion that best suits you.

In this article, we will explain about the straight type out of the three types: straight, wavy, and natural.

1.Characteristics of straight type

Straight type people have a thick, muscular body centered on their upper body .

This type has a unique way of building its muscles, with a thick chest and strong muscles in the back and thighs.

It is also characterized by firm and firm skin.

Other than that,

-Neck is rather short

-Shoulders are narrow and the collarbone is barely visible

-Thick chest plate

-Has thick hands.

-Hands are small compared to height

・Waist position is high

-Easier to gain muscle than fat

-Knees are small and round

- Easy to gain weight from the upper body, including the face and stomach

And so on. This type tends to make your body look larger overall .

2. Tips on how to wear straight bone type

What points should people with straight bone types keep in mind to dress fashionably?

Straight bone type has thick upper body and thighs.

Therefore, when choosing clothing, it is most important to avoid highlighting the thickness of your upper body and thighs .

In other words If you have straight hair , clothes that do not emphasize the thickness of your upper body and thighs will suit you.

3. Clothing that suits straight bone types

①: Tops that fit just the right size

For straight type people, it is important to be aware of the I-line silhouette , but items that are too tight will highlight the thickness of your upper body.

On the other hand, big silhouettes and oversized items make your body look larger, which throws off your overall balance.

We especially recommend wearing tops that are just the right size.

②: Shiny and thick items

Items made of thin fabrics such as sheer fabrics will make your body's thickness stand out.

Items made of thick, glossy materials such as leather, wool, and denim will make your body less noticeable.

Tops include leather jackets , knits , denim shirts , etc.

For bottoms, we recommend denim or thick cargo pants .

Even in the summer when you tend to wear light clothes, you can make your body less noticeable by wearing something like a heavy cotton T-shirt .

③:Tapered pants

Tapered pants have a silhouette that tapers toward the feet, covering the thickness of your thighs while showing off your entire lower body.

If the size is too tight, it will accentuate the area around your thighs, so we recommend a size that is a little loose.

④:Straight pants

Straight pants are also recommended as they can show off your entire lower body. It goes well with the I-line silhouette and has a vertical visual effect.


The deep neckline makes your chest look neat and makes your body less noticeable.

⑥:Open collar shirt

If you are going to wear a shirt, we recommend an open collar with an open neckline. Since the chest area is open , it has the same effect as a V-neck or U-neck that makes the thickness of your body less noticeable.

⑦: Tailored jacket

Tailored jackets also have deep necklines, giving the impression that your chest is clearly visible.

It has a visual effect that doesn't draw attention to the straight upper body, which tends to look big.


How was it?

For people with straight bones, we recommend items that don't make the thickness of your upper body and thighs stand out.

・Just the right size tops

・Shiny and thick items

・Tapered pants

・Straight pants


・Open collar shirt

·tailored jacket

Make your fashion look even more stylish by using the seven items introduced this time!