[7 selections] These are the clothes that suit men's skeletal diagnosis wave type

Skeletal diagnosis is a method to find the perfect style for you based on your natural body line and texture characteristics .

The skeleton does not change depending on gender (male or female), age, body shape, etc., so it does not change throughout life.

By understanding your bone type, you can find the fashion that best suits you.

In this article, we will explain the wavy type out of the three types: straight, wavy, and natural.

1. Features of wave type

The skeletal wave type has a body type in which the upper body is not thick and the lower body tends to be thick .

- Neck is thin and long

・Shoulders are slender overall, with well-developed collarbones

・The upper body is thin

- Hands are thin and slender.

・Small hand size

・Waist position is low and narrow

・It is difficult to build muscle, and fat tends to accumulate especially in the lower body

-Knees are rounded and bony

・Easy to gain weight from the lower body, including the thighs

And so on. This type tends to look delicate at first glance, especially since the upper body is thin .

2. Tips on how to wear wave type

The wavy type has a slim upper body and a firmer lower body.

Therefore, the most important thing is to choose clothes that unify the volume of your whole body and make you look well-balanced .

3. Clothes that suit wavy types

①: Fitted tops

For people with wavy hair, items that are too wide will make your body look thinner.

We recommend wearing items that fit your body, especially tops, so that you can look stylish by showing off your slim upper body.

②: Soft and thick items

Items made of thin fabrics such as sheer fabrics will make your body look thinner.

Items made of thick, soft materials such as suede or wool go well with the wavy body texture.

Tops include thick cardigans and suede jackets .

We recommend denim or thick sweatpants for bottoms.

Even in the summer when you tend to wear light clothes, you can show off your overall body style by wearing something like a short T-shirt .

③:Slim pants

Slim pants such as skinny pants are an item that can cover your lower body, which looks larger than your upper body .

It gives you a refreshing impression, so by taking advantage of your slim figure, your whole body will be in perfect balance.

④:High waist pants

Wearing high-waisted pants is recommended because it improves the balance of your upper and lower body, allowing you to show off your style. Wearing high-waisted pants also has the visual effect of making your hips appear higher than they actually are.

⑤: Parka (hooded top)

Hooded tops such as hoodies have the visual effect of concentrating the center of gravity on your upper body . If you have a thin, wavy body, you can show off your overall balance by drawing the other person's attention to your upper body. We recommend items with thick hoods .

⑥:Button down shirt

If you choose to wear a shirt, we recommend a button-down that hides your bony shoulders . It can perfectly cover the thinness of your body while enhancing the soft impression of the wavy type.

⑦: All-over pattern tops

All-over patterned items also have a great visual effect of drawing the attention of your partner to your upper body.


How was it?

For those with a wavy bone type, we recommend items that balance out the volume of your entire body.

・Fitted tops

・Soft and thick items

・Slim pants

・High waist pants

・Parker (hooded top)

・Button down shirt

・All-over pattern tops

Make your fashion look even more stylish by using the seven items introduced this time!